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Science Week Experiments 🧪

14th Nov 2023

This week is Science week and today 3rd class were treated to some science experiments. Ms O’Rourke Curran prepared lots of fun science experiments for the girls to get involved in. 

We mixed an vinegar which is an acid with baking soda which is a base to create carbon dioxide which caused a reaction. 

We put raisins into carbonated water and watched them dance as the bubbles moved them up and down.

We created static electricity using balloons by rubbing them on our clothes and creating friction. We were then able to move a can along the table using the static electricity and make our hair stand up! 

We looked at oobleck which is a mixture of cornflour and water. The oobleck can change state between a solid and a liquid depending on the amount of pressure put on it. 

We created lava lamps by adding water and oil into a bottle and looked at how the density separates the oil from the water making a lava lamp.

We also learned how water from red cabbage can show you how acidic or alkaline a liquid is depending on the colour it changes to. 

We learned a lot from Ms O’Rourke Curran, and we are looking forward to trying some experiments of our own this year!