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Castletown GNS, Dundalk, Co. Louth


21st Nov 2022

We were lucky enough to win an experience with Mark from collecting our biodiversity stickers from Applegreen last year. We learned about dendrochronology - the study of trees. Mark told us about the tallest tree in the world (around the same height as the spire- around 116m) and the oldest tree, which happens to be found in the same place, Redwood, California, USA and is 5071 years old! Each person needs on average 7.5 trees to supply their oxygen for their whole life, however, the sea, being filled with plankton, actually supplies the majority of our oxygen. 

We got to enjoy a nature walk and found a hornbeam, some cherry blossoms and som maple trees a very short walk from the school.

Did you know to find out the age of a tree you measure 1metre up, find the circumference in cm and divide that by 2.5. Do you have any trees nearby you could measure?

Finally, as a ending activity, we did some art. We created pendants with leaf prints from those we found on our walk and even learned about ogham- which one would you have picked to create?